LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 2: Determining Your Style

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2.3 Establishing The Mood

1. General Mood Categories

Casual Style: Comfort, warmth, relaxation.
Rectangular elements, rustic design, textured fabrics.
Formal Style: Elegance, symmetry, exquisite furniture.
High ceilings, polished woods, tall windows.
Imported rugs, antique accessories, decorative trims.

2. Apply Moods to Your Space

Align mood with your chosen design style.
Guide for furniture, fabrics, and accessories.
Enhance both the look and feel of your space.

3. Consider Your Room's Atmosphere

Define the desired ambiance and emotions.
Choose the appropriate level of formality.
Opt for a cozy or elegant atmosphere.
Decide between a magazine-worthy or comfortable look.


Action Items

Take a look at page 18 and see what you wrote about what kind of mood you want to create in the space.
See if there is anything you want to add in or changed based of what we learned in this lesson.

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