LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 3: Space Planning

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3.3 Space Planning Based on Design Style

Action Items

Take a look at your room right now.
Which of these five elements do you think the room already has?
Balance: Distribute visual weight evenly.
Proportion & Scale: Ensure size harmony.
Rhythm: Create patterns of repetition and contrast.
Emphasis/Focus: Highlight room focal points.
Harmony: Unify elements for a cohesive look.
Which do you want to improve on?
Create symmetry in your room with existing furniture.
Ensure a balanced arrangement of furniture in your space.
Make a list ranging from the most important to the least important to you on how your room should look and feel.
Decide which pieces to keep and which to discard.
Draw out the furniture you're keeping with their sizes.
Use the plan to realistically assess what can fit in your space.

My Space Priorities

Rate these elements based on importance for the room you are designing.
Proportion & Scale.

My Ratings:

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