LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 4: Layering Method

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4.6 Lighting

1. Different Types of Lighting:

Ambient General Lighting: Provides overall illumination for a room (e.g., overhead fixtures, chandeliers).
Task Lighting: Task-specific illumination for activities (e.g., desk lamps, under-cabinet lights).
Accent Lighting: Highlights specific features (e.g., table lamps, wall sconces).
Decorative Lighting: Adds aesthetic elements (e.g., chandeliers, unique table lamps).

2. Warm Light vs. Cool Light:

Consider the color temperature of light bulbs. Warm light (2700-3000K) creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, ideal for living spaces and bedrooms. Cool light (4000K and above) is more energizing and suitable for task-oriented areas like kitchens and offices.

3. Contemporary Style Lighting

Ambient General Lighting: Utilize track lighting or cove lighting (indirect lighting) to wash walls with light and showcase architectural features.
Task Lighting: Use spotlights or can lighting directed at specific art pieces or focal points.
Accent Lighting: Opt for shapely metal fixtures that complement the contemporary furniture.
Decorative Lighting: Select unique and modern lighting fixtures to enhance the overall contemporary aesthetic.

4. Traditional Style Lighting

Ambient General Lighting: Crystal chandeliers for a formal look or wrought iron/brass chandeliers for a rustic feel.
Task Lighting: Table lamps with classic designs (simpler shades can lend a modern touch), floor lamps, and sconces.
Accent Lighting: Utilize hurricane lamps for a vintage feel.
Decorative Lighting: Create symmetry with pairs of lamps, sconces, and other traditional light fixtures.

5. Transitional Style Lighting

Ambient General Lighting: Incorporate sleek contemporary fixtures with straight lines for a modern feel.
Task Lighting: Choose transitional lighting designs that balance traditional and contemporary elements.
Accent Lighting: Consider unique fixtures like molecular light chandeliers for an eclectic touch.

6. Modern Country Style Farmhouse Lighting:

Ambient General Lighting: Opt for rustic lighting fixtures like rugged wall sconces and farmhouse chandeliers to create a soothing and soft glow.
Task Lighting: Use traditional farmhouse lighting elements to maintain the rustic aesthetic.
Decorative Lighting: Consider a wide chandelier above a large rectangular table for a modern twist on farmhouse lighting.

7. Eclectic Style Lighting:

Ambient General Lighting: Embrace the infinite possibilities of eclectic lighting, which can range from modern to traditional, glam, and more. Choose lighting fixtures that reflect your eclectic mix of styles and preferences.
Task Lighting: Consider the functionality of each lighting fixture in your eclectic space and how it contributes to the overall aesthetic.
Decorative Lighting: Mix and match contrasting materials, colors, and textures in your lighting fixtures while maintaining a unifying element that ties your eclectic space together. The sky's the limit in terms of creativity.

8. Minimalist Style Lighting:

Ambient General Lighting: In minimalist design, natural light takes precedence, providing warmth and the illusion of spaciousness. Install lighting fixtures strategically to highlight the clean lines of your furnishings.
Task Lighting: Ensure that task lighting, like pendants above a dining table or smaller fixtures in larger rooms, serves a functional purpose without unnecessary ornamentation.
Accent Lighting: Minimalist spaces typically avoid ornate lighting fixtures, so focus on clean and simple designs that enhance specific areas or elements of your interior.
Decorative Lighting: Minimalism tends to shy away from decorative lighting such as chandeliers. Instead, opt for fixtures that complement the simplicity of your design while serving their intended purpose effectively.


Action Items

This is one of the most important parts of any room! It can be incredible for setting any type of tone or mood in a room.
Do page 41 in our course workbook that will help you make better decisions when it comes to lights!
Now, based on your plan, select one lighting fixture for each category (ambient, task, accent, decorative) that aligns with your design goals and preferences.
Input your final selections in the “Master Shopping List” Table below (which you will also see in Lesson ) !




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